Photography – Julia Kozerski






“Through calorie counting, focus on nutrition, portion control, and increased exercise, my efforts have resulted in a loss of over 160 pounds. While I genuinely believed that my hard work and dedication would transform me into that “perfect” person of my dreams, the reality of what has resulted is quite the opposite. My experience contradicts what the media tends to portray. While it is easy to celebrate and appreciate the dramatic physical results of such an endeavor, underneath the layers of clothing and behind closed doors, quite a different reality exists.”

Fotografías impactantes. Crudas. Reales. Bellas. La belleza del ser humano en la imperfección canónica. Belleza siempre. Y aún así drama. El drama de la lucha constante por encajar. La salud. Los amigos. La soledad. La mente. Conocerse a uno mismo. ¿Aceptarse?.

These brutally honest images shed light on the truth
of what it is like for me to live life as Half of myself.

Textos y fotografías –

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